Applique quilt ready to quilt


Got my appliqué quilt all sandwiched and ready to hand quilt. Now all I have to do is figure out how I want to quilt it…











All sandwiched and ready to go. I’m really pleased with my weekend, got some yoyos done too, cleaned up my workshop and washed some wool… productive. Mind you the vacuming didn’t get done. 🙂


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  1. Just beautiful Jen! I really like how the red seems to make it POP! Did you handbaste or pin :). And without me :(….but you are the pro! You will have to explain your borders….long strips your each block and then sewn row by row? Congrats! A masterpiece!

  2. Tks Peg, For once I didn’t have the seam ripper out all the time. I found out if I go very, very slowly I can piece pretty well on my machine. I did vertial strips then assembled row by row. It is not the same as the pattern because I just wanted to use the material I have at home. I was going to use the Tree green but you lost the framing effect when assembled so went for red. Worked out pretty good, now the fun to hand quilt. Outline the fowers but not sure what to do in the rest, maybe bum one of your stencils to do a nice border of something on the baskets. You have any sugestions?

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