Santa workshop was fun!


We had a workshop on Saturday and this is what we are making. I have to find some nice eyes and buttons for his boots also a buckle for his belt. I think I will add a bell to his hat.

I was just on a business trip to Alberta and just had to add to my fiber and fabric stash. 🙂

I think this New Zealand wool is going to make nice socks.


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  1. I commented to quickly! Ouè….someone has been busy! Very nice Jen! So cool! I have my front put together, but I have to work….and here I am checking out your blog! :)…Quite the stash building….Dany should get to work on organizing a shelf system for you…tell him that you will sic Peggy on him!

  2. Go get him Peg!! I would love some storage. sigh garage repairs come first, there was a bug in the upload just a minute ago so that is why there wasn’t any pictures the first time. What do you think of the homemade beard?

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