Nativity scene


Just becuase Peg wasn’t here to stop me I started another project, a snowman nativity scene.

Baby Jesus is made but I ran out of stuffing. We started making some coloured ice bricks for the manger, it all works out I will post the final project.

Our village, Rivière-Éternité is know for it’s Creches or nativity scenes, we have some on display all of the world. Most of the villagers try to have a unique manger in front of each house, some can be very imagenative.



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  1. Tks Catherine, I am making coloured ice blocks in all the freezers for Dany to build the manger. I have to use the freezers cause it was pouring rain today!! I hope we get some snow or all the lots will be just slick.

  2. Again tks but it is stillm all YOUR fault that I started ANOTHER project! You were not here to stop me……..
    Ya game to start shopping for fabric for the mystery quilt;) birds of a feather……..

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