Yes I’m spoiled!!! :)


Here it is not even my brithday yet a bunch of very thoughtful people have been spoiling me! Aren’t I lucky?

I have my brother and sister in law to thank for this beautiful hand woven mat, I have been wanting one for a long time. Merci Christiane et Harold je l’aime beaucoup! 🙂

These were from my best friend Peg, yes the glass jar HAD and I do mean had chocolate in it, the gifts were all wraped in this fabric, aren’t they beautiful? and I love my books, I just hope all you out there have a friend like me who doesn’t know much about spining wool but knows I love it and would still go to all the trouble to find the perfect and I mean perfect book. Not just spinning but dyeing and knitting too! Peg you are amazing! Tks a million, I am taking the books with me to NB tomorrow.

And of course Peg had to add to my frog collection so here is my army of frogs just waiting to hold something. Dany is already borrowing them…..

And last but not least my better half Dany gave me this cupboard so I can get my workshop under control…not a hope in hell BUT I will try. 😉

Trying to sort what to put away and what to keep close and I kept stoping to admire material so didn’t get much done but had fun! Now I have to find a new home for my rubber tree or how to prune it… 26 yrs old and over 7 feet tall, takes up a lot of space.



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  1. I love it all Jen! Love, love, love your cabinet! I waited up until 10 last night, looking for updates ;)…then went to bed and checked here this morning! You look like you are having fun! Books? Interspersed on the top shelves? Be careful where you put the material, so that the sun doesn’t shine on it or it will lose colour…of course you know that ;)… You are welcome for the gifts! My pleasure!

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