Missing photos for Sam’s quilt etc post.


For some reason 99% of last nights post disapeared. So here goes for a second try.

Durning my holidays I went on an overnighter to my friend Peg’s place, we stayed up late chating and designing. It was so fun to spend time together even her husband put up with our silliness 😉 Nice place to play eh? We even took a little time to go bargain shopping !

See the beautiful windmill quilt she has on her design wall? If you look at the top of the pic you will see a mini maple leaf quilt, very cute.

I’m using her new lightbox to start my son’s quilt and Peg used the lightbox to continue on with her flower basket appliqué blocks, you can see a block in the bottom of this picutre.

Also I finally got up enough gumption to start this quilt below.

I found this pattern about 12-15 years ago I wanted to do something for my son Sam. But I was not ready. I had to build up my confidence and learn a whole lot more about applique. In the pattern they use fuseable interfacing but I did not want that syle, I am using a technique of water disovable interfacing and glue and then hand appliqued with YLI silk thread.

You know the feeling when everything just falls into place? Well that night I just sat down and drew this up and am very happy with it, no ereasing or doubts.

There are going to be applique eagles, trees and even a waterfalls. I want to spread out the trees outside of the frames of this sorta sampler style quilt. This is going to take a LOOOOG time to complete but I happy with the idea and the start I have made. I will add borders too and maybe something about Sam passion, cycling on his Hucker.

Chosing the background and placement of the prepared eagle pieces. (this block will not be this big I will cut it down.

First layer attached.

second layer, not happy with right side of the tail feathers but willl wait to see them later. The way the next layers and talons install change the look.

Last layer is stated, I drag it around in my basket everywhere I go. This is going to be a nice project to do at lunchtime at work.

There is no way in heck I am going to be able to use this technique for the talons and beak so I asked my wonderful stitchy friend Peg (go see Peg’s Place) if she would do them for me, she is a sweetie. She bears witness to the start of this quilt that has been bouncing around in my head for years but I had never felt ready to do something with all the ideas! For sure the quilt will evolve as I go but I very happy to be starting.


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  1. So nice Jen! The eagle is so coming together! the colours will really mesh and if you use thread…wow! What does Sam think?

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