One WIP done and another started LOL! ;)


Who can live without WIP, PHD or UFOs? It would seem I can’t.


This is the first version, I liked the coloured tips but because the wool is un carded it was not strong.


So final version, for someone with tiny hands….can you guess who they are for?


Special touque made for a very special friend’s birthday (Peg) 🙂

Touque à Carl nov 2012_153041

I made 3 touques for my sister-in-laws boys and this one was for their father who admired the boys touques so much so I just had to make him one too.


This is for the oldest boy, Mathieu, he wanted a John Deere coloured touque so I dyed the green with kool-aid and food colouring, fun to do. Mind you I would never have used 100% wool for children because of the itch factor but that is the wool they brought me to make these except the John Deere one, this one is all wool that I spun, I did make soft wool liners so they don’t itch so much.

Now onto the next UFO, WIP or whatever you want to call it…


This is a ”Come what may” pattern by Art to Heart. It says ”My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it” sooo very like my house so I thought it would be fun to do… if I need more to add to my WIP list but….life would be boring without things to do.


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  1. Oh, you are smooth! :). I wonder who will be wearing those mittens! :). Love your finishes and wow, a new project getting prepped! You go girl!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! It is always nice to get to know new knitters and quilters. Those hats and the mittens look great. And I loved that Art to heart pattern – I have seen that saying many times before, but never connected with a quilter. I will follow your blog! Have a nice day!

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