I have been chalenged!!!!


Peg my best friend has dared me to blog once a day for the WHOLE month…help! I will do my best.

For starters I have to thank this same Peg for making turning 48 yesterday not a bad thing but just a new adventure. Tks BF πŸ˜‰

She showed up friday and spoiled me rotten, Peg you really get me.

See BOOKS in english! I want to learn how to knit better and do colour work and she found a beautiful book on it along with the Spindle book…wow tons of information and I will be busy reading and learning for a long long time. Peg made me laugh and laugh at myself cause it SEEMS I’m always saying that I just love my hand projects that I can take everywhere with me so of course she found a Portable Patchwork book and more patterns AND a mini project all ready to do(make up for herself). The biggest problem I have is I don’t know where to start. As you can see she also shared a bunch of rovings that she found at a “Thrift” type store, I just couldn’t resist…I played with the rovings BUT that is for another blog….I have to save some goodies πŸ™‚

Here’s a close up of the great books, Peg knows I need more to do:)


She also found a beautiful cookie jar! I make a lot of cookies (the Irish in me likes to feed people I love) and don’t have a cookie jar so Peg fixed that, I just love it, it’s fun to sneak in a get a chocolate chip cookie to go with my tea. πŸ™‚ Beside the jar are dish clothes and a fruit/veggie saver that my sister-in-law Christiane knitted and gave me so see Peg I will try not to eat just cookies πŸ™‚ lol.

I will keep some goodies for tomorrow if I am going to have interesting things to blog about. Γ  demain.


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  1. :)…Hey there Jen! Nice post! I love the frog! How many cookies do you have left? Did the young ones come up and see it? Nice dish cloths! I have some new ones too, from my sister! ;). Keep on blogging girl!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I know I am late, but you have been spoiled to perfection as I see it! Greetings and many more happy years,

  3. Peg the frog still has some cookies in her belly but not many, everyone amired her but in pictures only, What colour are you dish cloths?

    Lida thank you for the birthday wish, you are very kind, I haven’t had such a good birthday as this in years! I even got some “stash” money πŸ™‚ lol shopping trip to the nearest fabric or maybe wool shop will have to be planned soon…:)

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