Finger protection



Testing out 2 different under quilt finger protection. I normaly use water resistant medical tape which allows me to feel the needle pricking but not stab myself.

The little steel thimble I have had for a long time and I desided to give it another go. It was OK once I got use to not “feeling” the needle but I worried about dulling my needles sctatching them on the metal… My friend Peg said she would give it a try and let me know what she thinks of it. I don’t like the idea that if you don’t have the special 2 sided sticky discs then you can’t use it. I have a tendency to use simple, readily available tools. What about anyone out there, is there tools that you love to use?


I used a "sticky finger" to cover my wing-nut on my hoop, the basting on my quilt kept getting caught on the wing-nut. Looks silly but works. 🙂


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  1. :)…I tried the little steel protector…a no go for me. I also tried the hoop and again…a no go. I went back to my hoop. I LOVE that quilt!

  2. Hai Jen,
    Here some words from Holland, weather is cold and the bulbs are starting to bloom a month later then normal and we all stay inside hoping Spring will come! Here my teacher (one of the best quilters of the world) uses a spoon, she makes beautiful quilts and won many prices all over the world, also in Houston! She uses many needles on just one quilt en tells us that you have yo take a new one often because of the sharpness, so your method will make a difference to the use of needles, will try the tape too! Love to reed your blog every day now! Thanks to your friend!

  3. Hai Lida, here is it still very cold and people are a bit tired of it. I will be glad when my flowers start to come up (even if it means the weeds will come up too ;)) weeding is good for the soul. I know people use spoons and stiff thimble type protection but I love my tape cause I can feel the needle (if you start to feel the needle a little too much you just add anothe layer) BUT I find the only good tape is water proof, the cloth is too thin, water proof is more resistant to needle attacks. Yes my friend Peg is really good for me she knows I work better with pressure 🙂 Have a good day. Jen

  4. Doing this quilt together was the best idea you have ever had, I have improved a lot and I am more aware of what I am doing. Have a great day Peg.

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