I lost! Already!


I fell asleep on the sofa last night so this was to be last night’s post…


I wanted to show you what I was doing with this birthday gift 🙂

See I even have a helper! The rovings are a little bit felted so I am recarding them and look how beautiful they turn out.


Lovely eh?

Mixing the colours as I spin, fun. The weather is misable out here today, I makes me want to stay home and play. Good day to all.


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  1. I keep thinking about bloging but of course it is during the day where I have no access to my home computer. You inspire me to write about the things I love. If people out there had never bloged about spinning and quilting I would never have learned so much, nice to know that what we write will live on. Mind you I don’t find my stuff very interesting, I still think my day job takes up too much of my life but it brings in the bacon to be able to PLAY! 🙂

  2. I still can’t find out how to “link back” nor install the “button” on my blog, I will need a walk through I guess. or maybe get wordpress to help.

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