Hexagones and my in-laws!



See what I have gotten my Mother-in-law into? Sneaky eh? She says it helps to stop her thinking about smoking, she quit cold turkey after over 40 years of it, I am impressed. Wait till the next pic on how many hexagones she has on the go….


Impressive eh! By the way the top layout was my boyfriend playing with them…cute.

Let’s see my sister-in-law’s now…

She wants a “girly” lap quilt so her 3 boys won’t steal it on her, lots of luck to her, I know her boys. lol

Now my small attempt, I like to baste them while on lunch at work or watching tv, I can’t wait to see how each one turns out.

This is a sneak peep, I will add pics as we all go… later all and keep stitching, a stich everyday keeps Jen sane. 🙂 How about you?


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  1. Fantastic, it just looks good all 4 attempts! I wish I had done these when I did quit after 25 years and also cold turkey, it is the only way that really works! Wish her all the best, have a good weekend,

  2. Wow! They are putting me to shame! Linda’s sewn piece looks amazing! She can come and teach me how to sew my hexies together. You are some inspiration Jen! Love, love, love your fabric. Your MIL is leaving a legacy there and to to think that she took material from old clothes too; now that is quilting!

  3. Tks Lida and Peg I told my Mother in law that you liked her hexes and she was shy but pleased. Peg as for her having more done than us she said she was only doing hexes and nothing else like us. I think she was too polite but really wanted to say we were UFO queens. 🙂 I am having so much fun with them.

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