Hawaiian turtles and books.


I have been keeping things back so I can have more things to post this month 😉

so see what Peg( http://pegsplace.wordpress.com/) brought me back from her trip :). I am sorta known for being frog happy BUT I sure could get into turtles, they are soo cool.


I just love this case, Peg tested it with her SIL to see if my “Bob” (aka Blackberry) would fit in it but I stuffed it full sewing stuff and brought it all over the place stitching hexes. everyone who sees it thinks it’s cute. Now what to use the material in…hum……ideas and more ideas, just need more time and energy.


It has 3 pockets and holds everything neat. This summer it maybe transformed into a mini purse for my business bag…very useful. Tks Peg.

Oh I don’t think I showed this, I had a WIP that was on my “to finish” list during my holiday and believe it or not I finished it even machine quilted it. It was a technique called Square dancing and is a table runner size which I figured I wouldn’t use soooooo it is now a dust cover for my books.

I cleaned up my woorkshop, I had all my magazines and books in  my cupboard and of course I never took them out to look at them cause they were not close at hand. I really need a bookcase! I put them on the floor beside MY chair and all I have to do is reach down and pull one out. See.





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  1. I’m happy that you are enjoying the goodies Jen. I guess that Bob can be on his own but your hexie paraphanalia needs to have a home too. I really like that finished tabletopper…oops, booktopper! Leave it to you to find new uses for things!

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