My Sisiter in laws hexagones


Really cool how they are comming together eh? I think Linda is doing a great job this being her first time making a quilt.


My “place”. Whenever things are not quiet right in my world I just have to spend a little time here and everthing is right again. Everyone needs a place like this, what does you “place” look like?


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  1. Oh, you know what my place looks like…:)….the big comfy chair in the living room or the rocking chair in my sewing room! Please tell Linda that I thinkn that she should be giving me lessons. Please tell Linda that I think that she would love the quilt guild! 😉

  2. She going just fine! And I love your place, mine is in the Attick where I have my sewing and hobby room, love to sit there with all the fabric and all the nice things people made for me! Your mug rugs are there to waiting for the summer to go outdoors!

  3. Je suis une vedette sur ton blog!!! Hihi il me manque juste d’être capable de comprendre l’anglais. Je vais faire pousser des concombres anglais ptête que cette automne je serai bilingues! Haha 🙂

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