Journal quilt


I ran out of squares that are ironed onto freezer paper for my journal quilt so I ironed on 2 rows. Now all I have to do is get back up to date 😉 (eh Peg )


Here are the first 3 rows hanging out on my mini design wall just waiting to but joined.


I find I’m sooo boring at times but can you be interesting each and everyday? Not a hope in H….! But I do get a giggle or two reading them when I sew the blocks together. Still snow here and am getting mightly tired of it but then in just a short time we will be complaining that it is too hot, go figure.


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  1. Did not know you are making a diary quilt, why are you putting it on freezer paper? A friend of mine is also making one, she puts all kind of buttons and other things on it!
    Have a nice day, hugs

  2. Lida we use the freezer paper to stabilize the block so it makes it really easy to write on without it twisting. I draw on the blocks and have used embroderie but I am not as patient for that, Peg adds more stitching to hers, mine will have lots of doodles :). It can be weird because at times you find the blocks too small for what you want to do and at other times I look at the block and think, “how am I to fill ALL that space”, it has been a learning experience and I am trying not to read it until after it is all done or I may find it too boring and not put it together. My life can seem boring at times because I work too much at the things I have to do and not on the things I want to do but that is the story of most peoples lives. Hopefully I will be able to make more time for myself in the years that come. 🙂 Anyone have a magic lamp for sale? I could use a housework geni. LOL

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