I don’t have much happening tonight, just tired and have to get ready for a day busness trip tomorrow. BUT I was going through some photos and saw this;


I made a circle vest but found it too wide across the shoulders and too narrow in the front so I ripped it out and now it is sitting in 2 neat balls just waiting for me 🙂 they maybe waiting for awhile…

This is at Easter, my son Sam and my daughter-in-law Émilié are outside looking into a trench that Dany and Sam dug so when the tiny creek beside us starts to melt we will not be flooded. Needless to say Sam is over 6 feet tall so the snow is deep in places he is neck deep.


I can’t wait until I can do this again…. bliss 🙂


Ahh summer will be here soon BUT would you believe that it is snowing outside right now, bah humbug!!!


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  1. :)…love the blueness of the sky with Sam and Emilie! Love your hair short too…so raspberry! Yes, we can dream about doing our activities outside soon!

  2. Yes I can believe that, here it is not much better now, but they promised us a fantastic weekend with lots of sunshine and 17 degrees! Well we just have to wait and see! Here there is lots of wool waiting to be used, I think I leave them in my will! LOL! Hugs

  3. Un petit gout d’été avec ton installation pour la laine dehors! J’aime pas j’adore!!!! 🙂

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