Quilt day with quilty friends!


Last Saturday we went to Susanna’s place and played. Her husband Daniel spoiled us rotten and her kids had us chuckling lots.


Susanna makes such beautiful quilts, I can not believe how productive she is.


Maria-Cristine showed us her neat purple quilt, I can’t remember the name of the pattern, I will have to ask her.


Peg stitching away on a the log cabin quilt which she passed on to me, we have pretty much 4 rows out of 6 complete. Beautiful and all hand stitched.


Maria-Cristina taught us about a tisane from her country, Argentina, I will ask her the right name but it finishes by matté. And Susanna introduced us to Harvey Wallbangers which is now going to be my official summer drink (if summer ever gets here).


These guys were as good as gold.


Peg also worked on her redwork.


Susanna mending another of her beautiful quilts.


Maria-Cristina is making what? The first of her 16000 hexagones!! 🙂


And me working on what? My 16000 hexagones!!

So far I have over 714 basted and quiet a few stitched together in a V pattern, like below.


Things have been so crazy in my work and life that is was so good to spend time with some very special people. Gals that understand my need to create and need to cut things up into tinny, tiny pieces and make large cozy quilts out of them… crazy but lots of fun. Thanks gals, I really needed a day with people that are very comfortable to be around. I especially want to start keeping tabs on the hexagone mania!!!



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  1. What fun and what great quilts are you showing! Enjoy your hexagons, over here they are all ready crazy with them for three years! There are also special created hexagons with lovely patterns in it!
    Enjoy your stitches, hugs

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