Fabric stash building :)


I was in Prince George BC this last week and spent an envening playing in a quilt store and a yarn store (thank god for Google!!)


The purple because I love purple and you can NEVER have enough, the orangie I think I may be able to use in the quilt I am making for my son (sunset maybe) and the black because I need it.


Again I was looking for material to add to my son’s quilt, I wanted to make a ”water fall” block and see what I found… and the gray may become boulders…


Yummy and unresitable is my excuse….


I want to start doing more machine quilting and embellishing, my friend Peg has given me a lot of good ideas so I have added some varigated thread to my collection.


Left is non slip pads for rulers,right is one for me and one for Peg, neat cross stitch needles that thread in the centre, I have no idea if they are a good idea but we will see. The dish is hand made and I think it will make a good spinning dish and the stick is a shawl pin out of some very nice wood.


Of course a pattern that says I would rather be quilting, the new book is called Fresh cut flowers by Liz Schwartz and Stephan Seifert, I love paper piecing and the first part is regular flowers and the second part are the same flowers but with a stained glass look……itchy fingers right now. then bottom left I always wanted a block a day calendar and they gave it to me for 50% off and last but not least is a magnetic pattern holder because some wonderful people I know have tempted me with beautiful books to finally learn how to colour work knit so more things to learn… 🙂

All were good finds because most were on special, isn’t it great when you can get more for less?!!



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