Fiber stash building


I am finally back, it seems that my internet is finally working…for how long I don`t know so here goes…


I stopped at Gemini Fibers in Mount Albert Ontario on a trip in May and look at this lovely fiber I bought. On top is a Merrino/silk blend that is hand dyed that is just candy to work with, the 4 tones of green I will probally make into socks for my son he seems to really like what I do so green this time I think. The blue is hand dyed that I just couldn’t resist, maybe someone I know will need blue wool socks for her new rubber boots for this fall…hummm 🙂


And this is my new toy, a supported spindle, I already have many feet spun on it with the merrino/silk blend and under it is silk hankies that I have been dying to try….boy am I even going to have to soften my hands before I play with this silk. So I am very happy and still looking for more time to play. 🙂


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