RAARE 8-9 June 2013


I belong to a group of artists and artisans here in my village called “Regroupement les artists et artisans de Rivière-Éternité” and we put on a neighbors party like a block party in our artist park and here are some of the exhibiteurs.


This lady made jewery from bones and porcpine quills and feathers.


Members of the local woman’s group had some very nice knitted and woven items for sale.




Les creches, our village is known for it’s collection of manegers.


Beautiful paintings.


I personally really like this one.



nice false stained glass


and me.


I did some demos on spinning with the wheel, drop spindles and a supported spindle, also showed some different techniques for quilting. Was rather fun.


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  1. Hallo Jen,
    What a fantastic photo’s are you showing, I love all these hand crafted things and I wish I could drop in and bought some! It must be very nice to be surrounded by other crafts men and women, so inspirational! Your work looks fantastic and I wish you lots of success with selling them and of course making them! Hugs from Holland,

  2. I ma partial to the quilting, spinning display ;). It is so nice to see you showing your creativity and belonging to an artsy group is so cool!

  3. Hallo Lida,
    With living in a small village (about 500 people) I am surprised at how much talent there is out there, it is fun to get to know other creative people. I’m enjoying myself.

  4. You are soooooo loyal Peg Tks, what would I do without you? I’m trying to take that first step towards more my reaL life and less if my work, who knows you and I may just have our own special place in the near future…

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