Free motion quilting


I don’t know about you but I have always been chicken to free motion quilt. But that has all changed. I received a request to make 8 placemats for someone and of course I said yes. A little voice in my head said “look a real project to pratice free motion quilting on, you know you won’t ever do it if you don’t have a REAL project!” The little voice knows me toooo well. I don’t pratice well, I get bored, when I am working on something “real” I can really apply myself.

SO… here are a few things that I have learned.

My sewing table is bumpy and grippy. I normally keep  a cutting board in front of my machine for quick trims, very handy with paper piecing not so good for free motion…


3! count them 3 hinges on the wrong side of my table! the person who built this table did NOT sew! They are my speed bumps not only do they slow you down they also twist your fabric. argh!!!


My machine is not a perfect fit so lots of dips and spots to catch seams or pins on.



One clear heavy gauge plastic sheet with needle hole, masking tape and pledge (spray wax) makes everything less bumpy and much more slipperie (sp?). Still not siting high enough but happy with the setup.


Some of my tools that I can’t do without, gloves make a very big difference in hand fatigue for me, I just wish these were a bit bigger. Anyone know if they are made in men’s sizes? Woman’s large is a tad short in the fingers. The T pins (normally used for blocking knited projects) I have been using them to hold my bobbins on my pin cousion or on the top of the thread spools so that I have them on hand quickly.


Nothing to do with free motion quilting but a toliet paper roll with tape on the end keeps my hand iron and stellito from rolling off my table all the time. My workshop is a closed in veranda so all the floors tilt outwards for water runoff, do not lay anything round on my table, garantied to hit the floor in 2 seconds flat.


And here are the things I could’t do without, wooden dish/bowl made by my Dany (which I stole for my tools) I told him it helps to keep them from rolling onto the floor, he let me keep it 🙂 , homemade coaster for my tea and old cup is my thread/clippings collector, it belonged to my Grampy, he used it for tea when hunting and fishing. Where I go, it goes.

I am happy with my new setup and having fun, I am working on a baby quilt but this will have to be another blog because it is to be a surprise. 🙂



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