This is to get even with my best friend Peg http://pegsplace.wordpress.com/ she had a Red box on her blog with a bunch of goodies in it. But she will never guess what is in this one. This comes with 2 other long boxes that have been “loaned” to me so I can figure out how to make them work (god love internet!)

Peg I’ll give you a hint, I may need Jude’s help 😉


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  1. You got it. Dany cousin lent it to me today in exchange that I figure out how to work it and then teach her. She also wants to learn how to quilt, she already is a very good weaver.

  2. are you nuts!!?? I know I’m queen of WIP’s BUT I have 2 projects to finish before even thinking of taking it out of the box. 🙂 mind you you know me too well, I just may say the hell with and set it up on night when I’m bored lolololo

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