One (of many) WIP’s finished!!!!


Does it ever feel good to have this WIP finished.




These are 8 reversable placemats that I was asked to make for someone, she wanted something very solid that could be washed and abused 😉

They are 16″ x 20″ and were a lot of fun to make, this is my first real machine quilted project. I have learned alot about my machine and what works for me, they are not perfect but neither am I.

Now I’m off to sandwich a baby quilt and try to machine quilt it too. I am an avid hand quilter but I am enjoying learning how to machine quilt. After the baby quilt my friend Peg has shown me some videos on thread painting and embellishment. I think this is the way I am going to go with my son’s quilt. I don’t think I will were get it done (solid enough) if I applique all by hand, but that is another WIP 😉 If I don’t have 5-6 WIP I feel stressed ;), I need some on the machine in all stages, some ready for the hoop, and my favorite, right Peg, PORTABLE! They are the best. My life would be so lonely without my little portable projects.

Does anyone out there enjoy portable projects too?


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  1. finishing off a WIP is always a great feeling!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’ve only been machine quilting for about 8 years, and it is all about the practicing – I just really like practicing!

  2. Help! I am trying to machine quilt a baby quilt and it has a flannel backing and it seems to be sticking. I have a heavy plastic on my sewing table and it really helps to even everything out (l have hindges that are in the way) This plastic helped me do a good job with my placemats but with the larger quilt I am have trouble making it move and when I do get a rythm up my movements are not smooth like with the smaller placemats. I know I need to practice but I would much enjoy any tips you could send my way.

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