Galaxy of hexagones?


For the last little while I have been teased about all the hexagones I have been making, well this is where I’m going with my white/black 1/2″ hexes…


3 different fabrics of black on white or white on white.. A little bit of masking tape later and I have the beginnings of my own little galaxy 🙂


Once I made one “sprial” I put it in my tray so I could build more the same. My tray has a clear plastic bottom so I can put pictures in it, it was easy to follow the pattern by testing against the sample. (of course I managed to make a mistake anyways :))


I may add a trail of hexes on each sprial to add movement.


Having fun pulling all the paper templates from the back, it sure makes it easy when you punch holes in the centre before you stitch them.


Machine basted to black background, I would so love to hand appliqué but I think I am going to machine satin stitch because I will never have enough time to finish it in time for a show in October 🙂


I will post more pictures when I have finished the top. This is supposed to be a wallhanging but I am not sure what shape it will be finished in, hexagone or square. It all depends on how it looks after all the hexes are in place. I will need some suggestions for names, anyone have an idea?



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