Hexagon Galaxy, Card trick and baby quilt all finished!



Card tricks pattern, my son Sam and my daughter in law Émilie asked for this top so I had no choice in finishing it! 🙂 My first full size quilt that I machine quilted, I leaned a lot and had lots of fun.





My Hexagon Galaxy wall hanging is finally done. All hand stitched EPP hexagons and hand and machine quilted. This is my own design.




Also a friend at work asked me to pretty up this baby panel, I had fun particing machine quilting by following the forms, a first for me. 😉




I am a die hard hand quilter but I have learned that machine quilting has it’s place in my life. I like the effect I get with machine quilting the stars on the Hexagon quilt, I could not get this same effect hand quilting. I love hand quilting but now find that I really enjoy machine quilting too, I believe that with learning how to use my machine in this way is just going to make me a better quilter. Each style in its place. This has been the most productive holiday so far and I still have all of this week to finish more WIP (or maybe start something new) 🙂


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  1. You’re so sweet, you’re the one that inspires me to “go for it”. Without your imput I would not be where I am as a quilter. Thank you for your inspiretion.

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