Ta DA! My new playground!


90% of my stuff is in place but I know I will change things around as I find out how they will work better for me.


Still tools on my cutting table but I can’t complain cause my BH has been out plowing twice cause of all the we got today. Still some things to move around in my old bookcase but take a look at my new one…


Wow eh? All my tools, info and scrapes in one place. I even made a place to put my new books or magazines so I can read them. They used to get lost among the rest now I will take the time to read them before putting them in their place. I still have stuff I bought in June that I haven’t taken the time to go through. The blue bag on the floor is all my stuff for my landscape project, I just haven’t figured out where to put it so it is close at hand.

I am blogging this while sitting in front of my sewing machine, it seems like soooo very long since I have been able to get to it that I think I will sign off and put the binding on these coasters that have been waiting in my “to do” pile.


Happy stitching!


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