Looking for the right words….


For the last 2-3 days I have been looking for the right words to express my thoughts. The word that comes to my mine the most is “humbled”.

Why? Because my best friend Peg made me this….


Hours and hours of effort, thought and creativity in one beautiful quilt. Just the idea that someone would go to such lengths humbles me. I never really thought I would mean this much to someone else….I am thankful that I met you Peggy McCall, you have made a big difference in my life.

You inspire by example. You are one of the most creative people that I have ever met.

Mind you Peg is also sneaky cause I had no idea she was making this for me, sneaky sneaky!

I had a very special Saturday with Peg. Getting caught up on each others lives, going for a long walk. Showing her part of my Village that she had not seen. All in all a wonderful day.

I am also very happy with my new mascot, Whoo Hoo!


Doesn’t he look right at home beside my machine? That you for everything Peg you are so thoughtful. Friendships like ours come around rarely so I will treasure it forever.

Life is so interesting with you in it.

Have a wonderful week and the next time you talk to your bestie, slow down, listen and enjoy.



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