WOW! A very Large Sheep has invaded my playground!!! :)


Meet Bud! (he arrived from that wonderful fiber haven called Paradise Fibers)

He is 5 lbs of Blue Faced Leicester Sliver! Yes I worte 5 lbs!



He is going to be transformed into rainbow colours and given out to children at the Larouche grade School not far from here. I have been asked to show them what is “spinning” for Culture Day in September.

I am very pleased to be asked to do this (I so enjoy contaminating others with my craziness) but I admit to a little stage fright…80 students… then at the museum the next day….anyone in the area are very welcome.

I have suckered talked into.. 😉 Dany (my BH) to make 85 small drop spindles. I hope to give each child a drop spindle and about 1/2 oz of colourfull fiber, now to figure out a simple instruction flyer in french….I have my work cut out for me but fun.

Well I will post after I have dyed some of Bud. I am going to try and sucker I mean talk into my bestie Peg at Peg’s place to come and play with dye..heehee.



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