New spinning toys, tools and fiber, fun weekend.


I went to the Twist Festival
http:// in August and bought an Ashford Kiwi 2 wheel and the Wild drum carder. I received them last week and we waxed my wheel and put it together  and here they are!:)



I haven’t used the wheel  yet because we were busy getting all these drop spindles and nests of fiber ready for Culture day when I  will be showing  students at a local school how to spin. Each of them will get their own little spindle, fiber and instructions.


My wonderful Dany has made over a hundred of these little guys! And I got to try out my drum carder to make the orange Batts, what fun. I can so see myself mixing colours and carding my marino/cashmere  mix I bought at the festival.

The dyed fiber was my first time using Ashford acid dyes, I really enjoyed playing with them.

Two more weeks to go before Culture  day when I get to try and hook the kids on fiber;) wish me luck.


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