Stitching and spinning helper


I took most of the day off today, I did get another shelf done on my bookcase quilt which I hope will one day imitate  this.


I want to make 3 horizontal quilts to hang on this bookcase  to protect my fabric. Might as well make something  useful and pretty to look at at the same time.


I have three of the shelves containing fabric done and will draw up the next shelf this week. The “objects” on the other shelves will most likely be applique. Will post more as I go along.

I also had a little helper today, meet Zorro our new kitty.


He was on “quality control” patrol.


Then he took a cat nap. …


Then this evening I thought I would try some Merrino/cashmere /nylon mix on my new Kiwi spinning wheel and Mr. Zorro desided that I need a little  help.



What a sweetie.

Also found 2 cool things at a garage sale this weekend.



A neat little stool that slips under my chair. It is just waiting for my BF to put her feet up and stitch with me.


And last  a stool to match the one I use all the time. Now I have space for visitors  or maybe BF over for a play date. 😉

Have a very quilty week everyone.


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