On holiday for a week and I get into all sorts of things….



Some of Dany’s and my creations at our village Christmas sale.


The weekend before I went to the Christmas sale in the next village over, L’Anse St-Jean,  and won this beautiful tablecloth.  Lucky me.


Came upstairs one day and this beautiful apple wood dish was sitting on the table. Nice work Dany.


My quality  control inspector spent a lot of time near me helping with suggestions.  😉 (or just snoozing in his basket)


I was asked again this year to do some spinning demos at the “Artisans de chez nous” boutique in Chicoutimi and I had a great time explaining how the spinning wheel works. And it was fun to have my new Kiwi wheel so I could let people try out the wheel. Some very interesting  wool came out of that. 😉


This is some of the wool I had a chance to spin while on holiday. Above is Merino /cashmere/nylon mix that is sooooo soft.


This is some fine spun Shetland that I just plied. I even got a little stitching in but more on that later….cause I am working on a secret.😆


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