My bestie


This is a late post but a heartfelt one. My very best friend and inspiration Peg had a birthday just before Christmas but as per usual we can never get together during the festive season. But we were able to have a play date in Febuary. Here are some of the “secrets” I was making that I couldn’t post because SOMEONE would see 😉



My BH likes Peg a lot even if he says she is a “bad” influence on me (always getting me started on some new crazy idea ;)) He made her the apple wood vase and a suet woodpecker feeding station. We both love watching the birds.


A small wall Hanging named “Grace” made from 1/2″ hexagons and diamonds, assembled by hand and quilted by machine.


After washing and drying it came out with a soft, wrinkly old fashioned look. I like the soft look.


It was so much fun surprising her. 🙂



This was the most fun, I gave Peg a bucket full of 1/2″ hexies and wrote a “bucket of smiles” on the lid. She danced around sprinkling hexies all over singing; “it’s raining smiles!” The look on her face made my day whole year! Tks Peg.:)


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