A little progress report.



A nice 4 ply wool socks finished for my son. I wanted to give them to him at Easter so am happy that they are done. They don’t match but close. This is not my wool but Patons Kroy sock wool. Very nice to knit with.


4th block of the Canadian Mystery  BOM fused. I love the sunset colours. Fun to do.


52 grams of 2 ply Merrino/Cashmere. It is sooooooo soft. I am trying to spin up a supply of white yarn to do some dyeing soon. I was hoping the weather would get better but they are announcing over a foot before Friday…..I love winter but enough is enough.

I took a weeks holiday and have been playing a bit but also just relaxing. I did take a bad fall on the ice yesterday so have a bum left knee right now. I will see tomorrow  how it bends and if I can spin. If too stiff I will use my old wheel (single treadle) which I want to spin some BFL on. I want to make 2 pairs of socks for my FIL and Dany’s uncle. The old wheel was their mother’s so I figured I should make them something on it. They both say that natural white wool is warmest so I will spin 100% white BFL wool. So all in all a very good week.

Have a good week everyone.


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