Learning to set up a Ridge heddle loom and having fun!


What a nice day! I learned tons about what not to do when setting up this loom. I spent the whole day with my Bestie Peg and we finally set up my Erica Ridge heddle loom. I think we did a pretty good job for 2 people who had no idea of what we were doing. ; )


First third threaded.


Peg getting her exercise walking to one of her house and back.


23″ threaded now to figure out how to roll it up.


Dany made us a pole that fit into my Grandmother’s quilt clamps so we could wind the cotton.


After a false start here is the loom all wound on.


The future weaver at her post.

The loom was my dad’s, I think he would have loved to help us set this up. I had a wonderful day full of smiles, wonderful company, nice quiet moments and filled with friendship. ☺ thanks Peg.


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  1. I had a great day too! I have about an inch done ;)…Thank you so much for setting me up Jen! I am eager to get through the first few inches!

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