PJ’s dyeing day and more!


2 weeks ago Peg and I finally got together to try to learn how to dye fabric. I can’t believe how much fun I had. 🙂


Here is Peg in my messy basement, but we did have a great set up. It was good to be near a water source and I put a shower curtain on the floor for spills.


We each tried ice cube dyeing and I admit I am hooked!


We wanted “mottled” fabric and were tring for an uneven dye job, we did pretty good.


Loved this technique, folded and rolled up then dyed in bright red then in purple (which we mixed). pretty nice effect for our first time.


This above is Peg’s ice dye, wow is it ever beautiful in real life the photo doesn’t do it justice.


And this one is my ice dyed fabric. They are so different but both beautiful. For sure we will be doing this again and again and again. Fun! Thanks Peg for being so willing to get involved in such craziness!


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