More playing with dyeing fabric and fibre plus a little Alpaca fibre washing…


WARING EYE CANDY TO FOLLOW! LOTS OF EYE CANDY! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉


Just before I start showing all the eye candy I want to thank 2 people, Maggie Vanderweit at Stone Threads, and Ana Buzzalino, both wonderful ladies who Peg and I met at Quilt Canada. We took 2 courses with Ana, which were very inspiring and Maggie was so incouraging and sharing with advise and ideas. Maggie gave us that little push that was needed to get us to stop wishing and to go ahead and try dyeing. Thank you both for the beauty you add to the quilting world.

This is my new set up in my backyard and yes I have both hot and cold water! I am so spoiled. Told you I was hooked on ice dyeing.


I used to wash my sheep fibre in our old bathtub but this is much better.


4 different batches melting…





Here they are again mostly meled but the top one is having trouble melting because the bin is deep so the ice is slower to melt. Looking very interesting..





I waited until the next day to wash them out and dry them. I learned a lot, I will now always wait a whole day because the dye was set more and a lot less bleeding. So I must remember this Peg  so remind me ok?


Here are closer shots of the results.





I love this one below, I think I will hide it and when I am more praticed on my new Sweet Sixteen Machine I will quilt it as a whole cloth wall hanging. I see peonies here,,,,it is so much fun to look and find all sorts of images in the fabric. I like it when everyone who looks at it tells you the different things they see in the material. Fun.





I didn’t just ice dye I also washed something …can you guess what is in the sink? No peeking at the next picture!


Did you guess?

FIBRE! And not any ordinary fibre but some wonderful Alpaca fibre from Johanne’s alpacas. She is my besties next door neighbor and so very nice.


Two little batches washed gave me all this…Lovely yummy soft cloud..


Awhile dyeing I figured why not play with fibre too. I had left over mixed dye from last fall when I dyed some fibre. This dye is not supposed to be good any more but I figured I would give it a go and if it didn’t work out I could always over dye. Live and learn right. I want some fibre in stock that is dyed just some basic colours so I can mix and blend and just play around with and this is what I got…




I love the mottled look so much that I think I will split it into finger rovings and spin it as is. It is too pretty to blend them together. I am courious to see what they will look like once they are spun and plyed.

Well all in all a wonderful 2 weekends of learning and playing now all I have to do is find a ”Time Tree” so I have more time to try more and more and more….. 😉





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