Spinning Shetland sheep wool. I bought this raw wool last year in N.B. and I washed it right away but did not have the time to spin it until this week.

This is in Roulags (after being picked clean and carded)

I use a drop spindel or this spining wheel which belonged to my better half’s Grandmother. Old and it sings and talks to me when I spin, it keeps me company.

I was suprised at how fine I was able to spin th Shetland, I will add the picture after it has been plyed. (2 strans)

Removing the wool from the spinning using a itamajig that Dany’s grandfather had made. The handle  is sooo smooth with use.

Relaxing the twist in hot water.


Dries really well outside on the line.

Two center pull balls ready for pying, I hope they are pretty even in length…

Ready to start, yes good old Dollarama has milk pails which are just great for this and many, many other uses….

ply, ply ply, very relaxing

Very full spindel, just made it all on.

End result; 238 yards /95 grams and only about 12″ wasted, very proud of myself. Now what to make with it?????


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